Marktlink Capital enables private individuals to invest in the best private equity and venture capital funds through fund-of-funds. Take advantage of the excellent annual target returns of these investment categories of 10 to 20% on average. The minimum investment is EUR 250,000.

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What is a fund-of-funds investment?

Diversified investment

A fund-of-funds is a fund that allocates equity to multiple investment funds, which then invest that money into the companies they hold in portfolio. The capital required for the fund-of-funds comes from private investors. Marktlink Capital offers two types of fund-of-funds: fund-of-funds that invest in venture capital funds and funds that focus on private equity. For each fund-of-funds, we cooperate with 10 to 20 partner funds. In turn, these funds invest in multiple companies.

The great advantage is that this form of investment also allows private individuals to invest in private equity and venture capital, something normally reserved for more wealthy investors such as pension funds and insurance companies. By joining forces with other individual investors, the minimum investment can be reduced to EUR 250,000.

In this animation, we show how investing in a fund-of-funds works.

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How does a fund-of-funds work?

Phased commitment

Investors commit capital to the fund-of-funds for the investment term. As a rule, this is around 10 years. We then select partner funds, with whom we also enter into an investment agreement for a certain period of time. Subsequently, when a partner fund invests in a company, we call upon our investors to raise the required capital. If the fund sells this company, the proceeds flow back to the investors via us.

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Diversification and fund selection

Strict selection

To achieve an optimal spread of risk and return, we make sure our investments are well distributed across different sectors and that we invest in multiple regions. We invest only in the 25% best-performing funds in Europe and North America. We select these partners based on extensive quantitative and qualitative research.

Read more about our investment strategy and market research here.

Why invest in fund-of-funds?

Solid returns

In recent years, venture capital and private equity have proven their worth by showing excellent returns, especially compared to other assets. From the world of venture capital and private equity, we select the strongest funds. For this reason, we expect an average annual return of 10-20% on our funds.

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Thanks to our years of experience in the private equity and venture capital sector, we know the market like no other. We will always be up-to-date on current market trends. We gained our extensive international network at for example AlpInvest, Avedon, McKinsey, Rabobank and Rede partners.

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