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Marktlink Capital

We like to invest in entrepreneurs. Not just any entrepreneurs, but the very top, through the strongest private equity and venture capital funds in Europe and North America. We call this smart investing: invest in the future, invest in what you know, with high expected returns. This is what we do, and we do it together with you.

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This is us

Enthusiastic, driven and capable fund and investment managers

Thanks to our years of experience in the private equity and venture capital sector, we know the market like no other. We are up to date on current and future market trends. We gained our extensive international network at, for example, AlpInvest, Avedon, McKinsey, Rabobank and Rede partners.

This is what we do

The number one investment firm for private investors

Through our funds, we give successful entrepreneurs and other private investors access to the strongest private equity and venture capital funds in Europe and North America. In turn, we give these investment firms access to ‘smart capital’. To them, fund members with specific knowledge and experience form a unique source of potential targets, knowledge and networks.

This is what makes us unique

Marktlink Capital works with Marktlink: one of the largest M&A advisors for the upper SME segment in Northwestern Europe. With more than 150 M&A transactions each year, it has a valuable network for funds. We combine Marktlink’s international knowledge and experience, its capital and its clients’ expertise together in Marktlink Capital.


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Our team consists of professionals with years of experience at home and abroad. We know the sector like no other and our investors reap the benefits.

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