Venture capital

Venture capital

Invest in technological progress

As a private investor, take advantage of the attractive returns in venture capital by participating in our fund-of-funds. The target return is between 10-20% on the invested capital (after fees). The minimum investment is EUR 250,000.


Technological progress

Growth of start-ups, scale-ups and unicorns

Venture capital and growth equity funds drive technological developments, such as software, biotech and artificial intelligence. These funds provide innovative technology companies with the capital they need, usually by taking a minority stake. This growth capital is used to further develop the product, tap into new markets or strengthen management. In this way, good ideas grow into mature companies, which are then sold to private equity investors, strategic companies or via IPOs.



Invest in the future

Investing in venture capital and growth equity as a private person is challenging. Minimum investment amounts are high and it is not easy to select the right funds. Often, the very best funds are also the least accessible. Based on extensive market research and data analysis, we make sure we select and access the best-performing and most durable funds .

Venture capital funds

Access to top funds

Venture capital funds come in all shapes and sizes. There are funds that invest at an early stage, based on a business plan (seed funds) and funds that invest just before the IPO (growth funds). Both funds have different risk profiles. We therefore ensure the right spread, not only by strategy, but also by geography. This way, we limit risks and you invest not only in Europe, but also in strong technology ecosystems, such as Silicon Valley and Israel.  

The average annual returns of European venture capital funds have outperformed the stock market for years, but there is also a clear difference in quality between the funds themselves. The top funds often achieve gross returns (IRR) of over 30% per year.

Now open: 
Venture capital fund-of-funds II

Our new venture capital fund-of-funds has launched. With another target fund size of EUR 50mln and a strong group of venture capital and growth equity funds, our second fund is excellently positioned to deliver good returns in the coming years.


Teaser cover - fof VC II
Excellent spread
Selection of the best funds
10-20% target return, per annum (after deducting costs)

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*Investment can start from EUR 250,000

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Thanks to our years of experience in the private equity and venture capital sector, we know the market like no other. We will always be up-to-date on current market trends. We gained our extensive international network at for example AlpInvest, Avedon, McKinsey, Rabobank and Rede partners.

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