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Private equity and venture capital for family offices

Wealthy families benefit from smart asset management, which advisors know like no other. The private equity market is booming and is growing fast as an investment class. This makes sense, because investing in these funds offers stable returns, but family offices don’t always have access to these funds. This is where we, a specialist in private markets, come in. 

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Investment opportunities

Thanks to our fund-of-funds solution, it becomes easy to organise a portfolio for your clients. Because we regularly launch new funds and offer access to individual funds, you can spread your portfolio among several ‘vintages’. Investing in private equity and venture capital funds provides a certain peace of mind because the money is placed under professional management for a longer period of time. 

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Why Marktlink Capital?

  • Get access to top international funds. This is possible thanks to our unique network, the smart capital we represent and because we are part of Marktlink: one of the largest M&A advisors.
  • Benefit from the best specialist knowledge and experience when it comes to private markets (experience gained at Alpinvest, Rede, Rabobank and McKinsey, among others).
  • Access to a diversified and to an up to date range of new investment opportunities thanks to a yearly launch of new (feeder) funds.
  • Invest tax-efficiently. We always select our funds with the tax situation of Dutch investors in mind.


The best for your clients

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Networking possibilities

Networking possibilities

Through our Investor Community, you come into contact with other entrepreneurs, who are about to sell their companies and need help with capital accumulation, for example.

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Invest in these top funds

Investing in private equity and venture capital offers the opportunity to spread your assets and increase the expected returns at the same time. Marktlink Capital gives family offices access to the strongest funds.

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