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As an entrepreneur, you want to keep moving. You want to grow, you want to move forward and you’re always focused on the future, what you leave behind and how you profit. You want to invest in a stable future because this is what gives you long-term security. Marktlink Capital gives entrepreneurs and private investors access to the strongest private equity and venture capital funds.

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The private equity investment class is growing 

Invest in the future, together  

More and more entrepreneurs choose to invest in private equity. This makes sense: because of high inflation, holding on to your equity costs money, the stock market is too volatile and investing in real estate yields less and less. Private equity, however, offers long-term security and delivers high expected returns. 

With private equity, you invest in what you know: entrepreneurship and leading companies that operate in fast-growing sectors. Together with other entrepreneurs, you invest in the future and in durable growth. Private equity has outperformed the stock market for over 20 consecutive years.  

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The advantages of our fund-of-funds 

Distribution among top funds 

A fund-of-funds allows you to invest in about ten international funds. This means that your portfolio consists of about 150 different companies. A diversified portfolio like this is important for achieving stable returns. At Marktlink Capital, we tend to choose funds that are structured as a Dutch legal form called ‘cooperative’.  This means that entrepreneurs investing through their holdings (for example a private or public limited company) will not have to pay corporation tax over their returns. That saves up to 25% in income tax. You invest in sustainable growth for yourself and for the coming generation.  

We offer three investment categories. Per category, you can check out the expected returns, the investment strategies and how it all works.


Why Marktlink Capital?

For and by entrepreneurs

Private equity used to be solely accessible to large institutional investors like pension funds and insurance companies but, through Marktlink Capital, private investors can gain access to the private market as well. Marktlink Capital is part of Marktlink: one of the largest M&A advisory firms for the upper SME segment in Northwestern Europe. Marktlink’s knowledge, experience and capital and that of its contacts  are all joined under Marktlink Capital, which ensures our access to the best-performing funds in Europe and North America.

Marius Nijland, entrepreneur Sevenstars

“I don’t much care for the stock market. What I like about Marktlink Capital is that you have a feeling for the companies you invest in and you are part of a network of entrepreneurs. Also, the presentation of the fund manager really appealed to me. A clear story about growth strategies, about the potential of the sector you invest in and about the world of private equity. The fund I invested in, contains hundreds of top companies which results in good diversification. Great!”

Noud Jacobs, one of the former CEOs of ITrainee

“Because we sold our company, my associate and I already had good contact with Marktlink. Of course, that made the step towards investing easier. We already knew the people and the culture . Marktlink Capital also offers the possibility to co-invest and this is what appealed to us. Besides, our trust in the stock market kept declining, so, for us, the choice was easy.”

Fred Lammers, former CEO CurTec

“Marktlink Capital offers access to private equity and that is fairly unique. The risks of private equity are lower than those of the fluctuating stock market. The people at Marktlink Capital are down-to-earth, clear in their communication and to the point. They’re not a group of ‘hot shots’ with glaring advertisements and low minimum investment rates. That is what really appeals to me.”
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The Investor Community

Come into contact with other entrepreneurs

Our active Investor Community consists of both investors and the investment firms we work with. Together, we inspire, connect and reinforce each other. For the most part, our investors are entrepreneurs with specific sector knowledge and experience. And this ‘smart capital’ in particular is attracting the interest of private equity and venture capital firms: it means a unique source of potential targets, knowledge and networks.

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Our team consists of professionals with years of experience at home and abroad. We know the sector like no other and our investors reap the benefits. 

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