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Invest in technological progress

Investing in venture capital and growth equity as an individual? You can with our fund-of-funds. Take advantage of the excellent returns of venture capital and invest in smart software, innovations in energy transition and automation of business processes. The minimum investment is EUR 250,000.

Fund of Funds - Venture Capital


Ready for the next wave

In our fund-of-funds, we only partner with the consistently best-performing funds in the venture capital and growth equity market. To this end, we ensure a sufficient spread across regions, sectors and industries. So you invest not only in Europe, but also in strong technology ecosystems such as Silicon Valley and Israel. We also actively keep an eye on major trends: for instance, with the rise of AI and machine learning, another big wave of innovation is on the horizon. We make sure we benefit from this by partnering with the top investors in these sectors.


Fund selection and diversification

Only the best funds from home and abroad

For each of our fund-of-funds, we work with 10-20 private equity houses. We only work with firms that are consistently among the 25% best-performing funds in the market. This group is made up of Dutch funds, European funds and funds from the United States. Our partner funds operate in a broad spectrum of sectors. In this way, we spread risk and returns across multiple dimensions.


Expected returns

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Venture capital’s focus on new companies in emerging markets entails certain risks and a certain degree of unpredictability. For that reason, we invest in a basket of more than 10 scrutinously selected funds that in turn each invest in 20 companies on average. We thus invest in both technology companies that are just starting up with venture capital funds, and in tech companies that are already close to going public, with growth equity funds. In this way, we realise higher average returns than other investment categories, while reducing risk through the fund-of-funds spread mechanism. As a result, the target return for our venture capital fund-of-funds is between 10 and 20% per year, net of expenses, on an annual basis.

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Thanks to our years of experience in the private equity and venture capital sector, we know the market like no other. We will always be up-to-date on current market trends. We gained our extensive international network at for example AlpInvest, Avedon, McKinsey, Rabobank and Rede partners.

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