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Patrick van Jaarsveld works at NA-Invest. This investment fund invests in innovative, promising, and future-oriented sectors and medium-sized enterprises. NA-Invest also participates in funds such as Marktlink Capital's Fund II, a private equity fund that assists companies in growing into global leaders in their niche.


NA-Invest is an independent investment fund, originating from private capital. With NA-Invest, the company wants to support other entrepreneurs and help them grow. Together with NA-Invest’s stakeholders, Patrick selected Marktlink Capital’s private equity fund.

Cooperative Entrepreneurship

The third generation is now at the helm of the active family company. Two brothers with the ambition for further growth; they want to invest in the future of the company. But they also want to invest in other entrepreneurs, strengthen and complement each other, says Patrick. “With NA-Invest, we help innovative, ambitious companies to achieve their growth ambitions. With financial means, sector knowledge and our network, for example. We really believe in the power of ‘together’, and strive for cooperative entrepreneurship.”

Long-term investment 

In a conversation with Marktlink, one of the partners informed Patrick about Marktlink Capital’s Fund II. A private equity fund through which they could really create added value for these specific companies. “Private equity means investing for the long term. That aligns well with our own ambitions; we also adopt a long-term perspective ourselves. You can add more value that way, share knowledge, optimise performance; really help each other grow.”

For and By Entrepreneurs

“In that respect, Marktlink Capital’s slogan ‘for and by entrepreneurs’ suits us to a tee. You can achieve much more together”, Patrick continues. “At Marktlink Capital, we saw an active approach that appealed to us. Actively seeking partnerships, helping other entrepreneurs, supporting growth ambitions and connecting people. They don’t have a ‘sit back and watch’ attitude, but they take the lead. That is also very much how we at NA-Invest and the family business look at it.”

Access to Top Funds and Network

Another advantage of investing in one of Marktlink’s funds is the access to larger private equity funds and the associated fund managers. It is hard for private investors to gain access, but through an investment in one of Marktlink’s funds, you’re more likely to succeed.


Marktlink Organisation
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