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“Marktlink provides me access to the appropriate top funds”

As the founder of the revolutionary mattress factory Matt, Joep Verbunt’s mission is to make sure the Dutch get a good night’s sleep. Dormant assets, however, are not something that makes him happy. By investing through Marktlink Capital in venture capital and private equity funds, he keeps his capital in motion.

"Joep Verbunt, 37-Year-Old Founder of Matt, Shares His Entrepreneurial Journey in Marktlink Magazine 17. With Matt experiencing rapid growth, Joep has ambitious plans to extend its presence into even more bedrooms.

Matt’s excellent performance has obviously also affected Joep’s bank balance. “Being an entrepreneur, it made sense to have a buffer to absorb setbacks. But when that buffer becomes too great, the money is just sitting in the bank and that will only cost me money, seeing the negative interest rates these last few years. Besides that, it’s simply a risk. What do I do in the event of a banking crisis? That is why I decided to invest through Marktlink Capital.

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Access to Top European Funds

Joep invests in venture capital and private equity funds. “This combination allows me to spread risk while gaining access to top European funds. The returns are also very interesting to me and Marktlink Capital takes all the work off my hands. Because we are a small team, I am very active within Matt myself, which is why I don’t have time to actively invest in other companies. And so it’s great to invest in a fund that takes care of that for me, and Marktlink Capital makes sure I have access to the right funds."

Nevertheless, the young entrepreneur finds it fascinating to see how such funds work. “I am always open to new things and it’s incredibly interesting to me to see how this works and what returns you can expect. The big advantage of investing in venture capital and private equity is that these are processes with a clear beginning and end. You invest, and after a predefined period, you sell your shares. That makes it easier to plan.”

Well-informed investing

Joep continues: “I am pretty critical of the funds I want to invest in. I prefer to invest in funds with a good track record and a clear strategy. How have they performed in recent years? What exactly do they invest in and do they spread their risks well? All things I take into account when deciding whether or not to invest in a fund.”

Nice and reliable guys

Investing in Marktlink Capital feels right for the wide-awake entrepreneur. "It provides great networking opportunities. At the end of August, all of us go to the  F1 races in Zandvoort, and throughout the year, Marktlink Capital organises events to come into contact with fellow entrepreneurs. Those are some nice benefits. In general, I can say that I feel at home at Marktlink Capital. No grey men in suits, but nice, smart and reliable guys my age who speak my language. I can identify with that just fine." 

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