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“Thanks to Marktlink Capital, private equity becomes accessible to entrepreneurs like me”

In 2021, Richard Verbrugge (51) sold a majority share in his window treatments company. Up until then, he hadn’t really considered investing. But after selling his company, he thought it was time to use his money to invest in a stable future. So, he now invests in private equity through Marktlink Capital.

The sale of his company to investor Committed Capital freed up money. Richard wanted to use his money wisely. "For a long time, I didn’t really see investing as an option," Richard explains. "In the past, I always believed that money only has value when you can actually use it. I changed my mind though. You can't put all your money in the bank, that's neither smart nor profitable. At some point, therefore, it seemed a good idea to invest a part of my money, also for some future security.”


Via Marktlink, the party that assisted in the sale, Richard got in touch with Marktlink Capital. 'I had some good conversations with the partners about investing through Marktlink Capital. They could precisely explain how it works.'

Richard now participates in Fund II. 'With Marktlink Capital, you know exactly what you are investing in. The money is well diversified across funds that all achieve good returns. A secure feeling. Additionally, Marktlink Capital has a lot of knowledge and expertise; the partners have a lot of experience in the private equity sector. I have little understanding of it myself, but my money is in good hands, and that gives me peace of mind.'

Private equity for entrepreneurs

It was a conscious choice of Richard’s to invest in private equity. “Investing in the stock market is not for me, much too volatile. Private equity, on the other hand, means long-term investments in fast-growing companies outside of the stock market, that is what I like. Committed Capital, the company that has a majority share in my company, is also a private equity investor. Thanks to Marktlink Capital, strong private equity funds are also accessible to entrepreneurs like me.”

Networking with other successful entrepreneurs

Another benefit: Marktlink Capital investors gain exclusive access to the Investor Community. A select network of other successful entrepreneurs. This year, Richard was also present at the Marktlink Capital Investor Community Event during the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort. “That was a wonderful event to be a part of. I talked to a lot of people and made a few valuable new connections. The other meetings, like with investment firms from the funds, are very interesting as well. It is great to be involved in that way.”

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