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‘Access to the Best and Strongest Funds’ 

Mick van Meines is the owner of the family company Van Meines Vers B.V., located in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. For almost 30 years, he has been at the helm of the company. He is also a shareholder and advisor at Amfish B.V. in Katwijk. Mick invests in real estate and stocks and, recently, also increasingly in private equity.


Mick has been investing in the stock market for years, he says, but increasingly less so. “Investing in stocks is accessible, but very volatile. You are very dependent on ‘mister market’; the market’s whims. Besides, I’m not your typical trader, one that buys and sells a lot.” Mick laughs. “I only trade in fish, not in stocks.”

Relatively high expected return

That is why Mick has been investing in private equity for the past eight years. A lot less volatile than the stock exchange, Mick says. “Private equity is much less sensitive to short-term movements in the stock market. It yields relatively high expected returns in the long run and is a good way of preserving and diversifying wealth. Not only that but the right private equity funds give individual investors access to large and strong funds. That is what makes it very interesting.”

Strong funds with a proven track record 

Mick invests in Marktlink Capital’s Fund I. “It’s important to me that money is 'put to work' in funds with a proven track record. That is the case with this fund. Think of funds like Waterland and AlpInvest. You know exactly which funds and what kind of companies you are investing in. Moreover, not the entire sum is called up at once, but you can pay over a period of several years. I like that."

Confidence in the team

Mick is still happy with his choice of Marktlink Capital. "At Marktlink Capital, they know their business; they know what they are talking about. Moreover, the men at Marktlink Capital themselves also invest in the funds, which I find reassuring. The contact with Marktlink is very good. I have a lot of confidence in its people and their way of working. When I heard about this fund, it was a logical choice for me to invest."

Marktlink Organisation
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