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Late May 2022, Martijn sold his e-commerce company. After 16 years, it was time for something new. Selling his company freed up a lot of money, which he wanted to secure for the future. Martijn decided to invest his money in private equity.

The fact that Martijn stepped down from his company, does not mean that he’s resting on his laurels, on the contrary. Currently, he focuses on setting up his own portfolio of participations in companies. He now helps other companies grow. So the investment world is nothing new for him. When he sold his company, it was clear that he wanted to invest his money in a smart way.

Adding Value with Private Equity

It was a conscious choice of Martijn to invest in a private equity fund, he says. “I believe most in long-term investments. That is why private equity is so interesting; statistically speaking, there are very good returns possible in the long term.”

“Not only that, but you can really add value to companies with private equity”, Martijn continues. “By way of specific knowledge or the network that a private equity firm has. The private equity firm’s long-term involvement in a company often adds much more value than is the case with listed companies.”

Entrepreneur Martijn

Marktlink's Knowledge and Network

In his search for a suitable private equity fund, Martijn ended up at Marktlink Capital, he says. “Marktlink is known as the number 1 when it comes to mergers and acquisitions in the SME segment. From there, the company built its expansive network. Marktlink Capital’s investment funds are professionally set up by professionals with a lot of knowledge of the sector. That gave me the confidence.”

Another reason to choose Marktlink: there is a relatively low minimal investment needed. “As a private investor, you can’t usually join these kinds of solid funds. In that aspect, Marktlink Capital really is for and by entrepreneurs.” The minimal investment amount is €250,000.

Strategic spread

Martijn compared several private equity funds, but ultimately chose Marktlink Capital’s Fund II. “This investment fund has a very good, strategic spread among different private equity funds. It spreads across funds in different countries and with different points of focus. This was not something I had seen at competitors before. Moreover, as an investor, you know exactly what you are investing in, which just feels good."

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