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Serial entrepreneur Jan van den Treek has been active in business services, mechanical engineering and robotics. He primarily invests in real estate, direct stakes in various companies and private equity. Marktlink Capital’s Fund II immediately caught Jan’s attention and now, he is also considering investing in Fund III.

“I like to invest for the long term”, says Jan. “I am always looking for continuous returns. That is why I hardly invest in the stock market; far too volatile. Investing in private equity, on the other hand, really appeals to me: more certainty and higher expected returns in the long term.”

For and By Entrepreneurs

Another advantage of private equity according to Jan: “Private equity allows me to help growing companies grow further in a very concrete way, with capital, expertise and network. Buy-and-build is a very important growth strategy, made possible by private equity, which allows for synergy benefits. That way, you can make a difference for many entrepreneurs.”


Access to the Best Funds

When Jan heard about Fund II, also a private equity fund, he got excited. “Fund II offers a great mix of international top funds and companies”, Jan says. “That really appeals to me. Marktlink has a good reputation. It’s a market player that has a great deal of connections in the market and is therefore able to gain access to the best funds. Through Marktlink Capital, even as a private investor, you get access to funds you couldn’t otherwise invest in.”

Market Knowledge

Still, Jan was critical before investing in the fund, he says. "I had a lot of questions; I wanted to make sure that, at Marktlink Capital, they really do have sufficient knowledge and experience in the market. The fund manager was able to explain everything to me. That was a very positive conversation. The guys at Marktlink Capital really know what they are talking about; they have earned their stripes in the market."

Private Equity Fund-of-Funds III

Jan is also interested in Fund III, he says. "Fund III looks very good. I think a balanced diversification is important, and that is the case with this fund. My experiences with Marktlink Capital have been very positive. As an investor, I am valued and really involved. I appreciate that. Yes, I'm very happy with how it's all going." Jan laughs. "Of course, the returns still need to materialise, but the path leading up to them is positive!"

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